10 May 2006

Month Stones and Flowers

The following information is provided to satisfy a request. The stones and their attributed meanings in brackets come first, followed by the flowers and also their meanings.

January: garnet (constancy); carnation, snowdrop (fascination, devoted love / consolation, a friend in adversity)

February: amethyst (sincerity); violet, primrose (modesty, faithfulness, virtue / young love)

March: aquamarine, bloodstone (courage); daffodil, jonquil (regard, devotion / affection returned, sympathy)

April:diamond, white sapphire (innocence); daisy, sweet pea (innocence, youth, purity / goodbye, blissful pleasure, departure)

May: emerald (love, success); lily of the valley, hawthorn (sweetness, humility, return of happiness / fertility, hope)

June: pearl, moonstone, alexandrite (health and longevity); rose, honeysuckle (love / devoted affection)

July: ruby (contentment); larkspur, water lily (laughter / purity of heart)

August: peridot, sardonyx (married happiness); gladiolas, poppy (strength of character, sincerity, generosity, natural grace / eternal sleep, imagination, oblivion)

September: sapphire (clear thinking); aster, morning glory (symbol of love, daintiness / talisman of love, affection)

October: opal, tourmaline, pink sapphire (hope); calendula, cosmos (joy / modesty)

November: topaz, citrine (fidelity); chrysanthemum (cheerfulness, you're a wonderful friend, rest, loveliness, abundance, wealth)

December: turquoise, zircon (prosperity); narcissus, holly (stay as sweet as you are, egotism, formality / foresight, good wishes)

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