27 March 2008

Funghi Revolution: A Mushroom Story with a Moral

As the little white mushroom said goodbye to his big white mushroom mother and stepped outside his front door, he got ready to face another exhausting day at school.

He hopped along the lane until he got there, and stayed outside chatting with his little white mushroom friends. Then the bell rang and the little white mushrooms jumped into the biggest toadstool in the area, which was the main classroom Big White Mushroom's School for Little White Mushrooms.

As the hours went on, the big white mushroom carried on too, and the little white mushroom felt a strange trembling of his little white mushroom body, and a peculiar churning in this little white mushroom blood. He felt it was unfair. He thought he was a good little mushroom and that he didn't deserve that. He knew that the little white mushroom generation shouldn't be treated like that by certain individuals of the big white mushroom generation. As the little white mushroom meditated on this, he felt a rising wrath fill his little white mushroom veins, and he got a feeling of indomitable power. He felt an unquenchable thirst for justice, and he thought that he, the little white mushroom, could alone change the world, like he wanted to. Then he exploded.

He got up fiercely, banged the table noisily and shouted with all the might of his little white mushroom lungs: "Comrades!" The big white mushroom stopped in the middle of his sentence and stared stupidly at him. A heavy silence fell on the class. All the little white mushrooms looked at him, expectantly.

"Comrades!", repeated the little white mushroom, more sure of himself and louder still. "No more brainwashing for the little white mushrooms! Away with the big white mushroom and his abuse!" The little white mushroom got more and more excited and fearless as all the little white mushrooms began to take his side. "Down with this educational system! Freedom of thought for the little white mushrooms! No more wasted time! Away with the usurper! Away with the big white mushroom and his harmful teachings! Freedom! Freedom for the white mushrooms!"


LSEP said...

There, you may draw your own conclusions. As a matter of fact, I wrote this a few years ago, and I actually gave it in to a teacher! I suppose I had reached a stage in which I couldn't care less about whatever she had to say.

I've been rescuing other writings from about three or four years ago. I will post a couple more shortly, but don't be afraid, they're not like this one!

Anonymous said...

Yo ... soy rebelde porque el mundo me hizo así, .... porque nadie me ha tratado con amor, ... duh duh duh duh ...

Jeanette ;)

LSEP said...

Fixa't tu, el que s'ha de sentir. I a sobre, protegint-se amb l'anonimat! (Que no funciona gaire bé, per aquí...)

Aquí de rebel·lia gratuïta cap ni una, només una miqueta d'incomformisme, crítica, llibertat i intel·ligència. Que no pot ser, aquest panorama.