25 April 2008

We go thataway!

Yes. 'Tis rather wise to go thataway, this time. Another way would be quite dangerous.

Yes, right. OBVIOUS! Obvious? How do we know where to go? There's a road on the floor. We have to follow that road, otherwise there's no telling what might happen. We'd get an angry farmer's pitchfork in our behinds, for a start. How do we know there's a road on the floor? We can see it. We can also see water on the road on the floor, but we know there is no water. Then? What now? How do we know there is no water, but then we're sure there is such thing as a road on the floor? Ahh... If there is no road, as we can be led to think, then there is no sense in driving at all, who cares about pitchforks. Those don't exist either, in all probability.

In which case there is no sense in doing anything at all, in thinking or in existing. Yet there is generally an abnormal tendency to avoid suicide. Maybe there's a reason for that, come to think of it.

He knows which way to go. He trusts there is a road on the floor, that he exists and that he is driving a car. Yet, if faced with a bunch of bad-tempered sceptics, I'm not sure he could prove this to them, if they persist in wanting to think the opposite. He just knows, because if he was consistent and thought there is no reality maybe he wouldn't bother to carry on living.

All this comes to prove the difficulty in living a meaningful life when not wanting to. The need for an outside reference becomes more and more obvious as we give deeper thought to really important matters, and what astonishes me continually is that people live content giving their backs to this stark reality. I think some are in need of a great big emotional pitchfork prod in their intellect.

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