2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

May the best ye hae ivver seen be the warst ye'll ivver see.
May the moose ne'er lea' yer girnal wi a tear-drap in its ee.
May ye aye keep hail an hertie till ye'r auld eneuch tae dee.
May ye aye juist be sae happie as A wuss ye aye tae be.

The above, in "translation", reads:

May the best you have ever seen be the worst you will ever see.
May the mouse never leave your grain store with a tear drop in its eye.
May you always stay hale and hearty until you are old enough to die.
May you still be as happy as I always wish you to be.

Scottish toast


Rachete said...

I like your blog!


Lilly's Life said...

Congratulations for being a Blog of Note! Greetings from Australia.

sheri amor said...

this is nice

previously.bitten said...

and a happy new years to you as well.

Elizabeth Symington said...

I discovered your blog thanks to Blogs of Note. I can't read much on the site, so it is like a mystery to figure out what your blog is all about. From what I can tell, you are a traveler who adores reading. Your photos make me itch to travel, but for once I need to stay put and work in my studio. Thanks for the Scottish toast. My brother will love to learn it.

LSEP said...

Thank you all...

Elizabeth, you are right; travelling and reading are two of the things I enjoy most and I'm glad my pictures give you that itch. As you'll have guessed, photography is also a great hobby of mine.

When I started two or three years ago, I blogged only in English; then I tried to make my blog bilingual, and now it seems like I've switched to Catalan almost for good! But now it seems like I'm getting more visitors and I'll have to try to be fair...