18 September 2010

A Few of the Things I Found at Home

Pine cones from Bronchales!

This is what the whiteboard looked like after a Maths lesson. I thought it rather pretty, such a pity to rub it out. The orange brolly I drew it so that my pupil wouldn't forget his in the room. ^^

In some places, my home amongst them, it is customary to place tomatoes on the stove. xD Some might think I put it there for the picture, but I did not.

No, you may NOT go in the boys' room.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: fig jam.

Mevagissey Harbour in 1008 pieces.

This is Walter. ^^ I found him like that!


Ricky said...

Quin esglai!! Pensava que el fig jam era cine terror o algo... Brrr... Molt graciós el dinosaure atrinxerat!!

LSEP said...

Sembla l'olla de la madrastra de la Blacaneus... ^^ El dinosaure el vaig veure mentre els nens jugaven a l'habitació, estava així posat, previ anunci del Martí que allà no s'hi podia anar. xD

Anonymous said...

Jajaja qué bo, si que es troben coses curioses a casa teva... jo crec que a la meva ni volguent...