8 March 2012

We love you, Miss Hannigan

A certain young lady left her account open on the wrong computer. Tks, tks, such a bad habit.

Nina says "Granny says you should be more careful on other people's computers!"

~Have an orangey day!


Nina said...

Yeahh! Oi loik oringis. An puhpouws. Grannei? Did i spel it roit? No dear, but it really doesn't matter for now, Mummy will understand what you have written.

LSEP said...

I can't believe this is happening... I thought it was funny when I didn't have to moderate the comments you left on the previous post... Now WHAT to I have to do with this one?! :P

Rqgp said...

Millor comento en català... la nina és increible jajaja aixó passa per anar parlant d'ella por ahi, es normal que comenti!! xD