1 October 2012

Holi & P.B.

Today I found in my drawer a pair of matching stripey socks, both of the same colour. For some reason, it made me quite sad. Mamas will understand. =)

There is no longer that stupid raccoon smiling scarily at you all. (This picture is not mine. But it could be, judging by the weather here.)


Lady Violet said...

Did you mean Mama S. by any chance? You could carry on with the family tradition, couldn't you? I must admit I like bears much more than loaded racoons. Somehow they have more appeal.
Yours faithfully, Sock Mixer!

Raxigp said...

Jajaja quina gràcia. Bueno estic d'acord amb la Mama S. en que els ossets blancs tenen més encant, i aquest en especial és molt mono. No crec que tingui gaire fred, però. Potser t'hauries de fer amb una pell d'ós...