13 March 2007

The Death of the Winter Wind

The winter dusk is falling
Upon the silent land;
The red sky and the blue moon
Watch the quiet sun go down.

The sunlight’s gone completely,
The red sky turns to black;
The bright stars, blinking coldly,
Call the wind to start his song.

His song today’s a sad one:
His days come to an end;
His deep and angry sorrow
He blows with great distress

Unleashing every moan he has
So deeply hidden in;
He shrieks, he cries, he cuts the night
With tearing pain and hurt.

And so he goes on all night long;
The story of his grief
He tells with all his powerful might
To all that want to hear.

For this is his last night on Earth
Alive to rage and scream:
The next night when the stars call out
It’s Spring who’ll sweetly sing.

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LSEP said...

I thought the only-English-speaking part of my worldwide and absolutely monumentally huge and enormous and, in all, rather big audience deserved something nice after so much stuff written in weird languages nobody understands. Enjoy! :)