28 December 2007

Experiment results!

The following experiment was performed on this patient long-suffering cress to evaluate the effects of different types of music on growing things without minds. Thus, they were allowed to germinate in the dark for 24 hours and then they got the rare privilege –for vegetables, that is– of listening to music for two days, three hours a day, and not very loud, either. More music or a louder volume would have harmed them, regardless of the type of music. The first group listened to the Bach violin concertos three times in a row every day; the second group grew in silence, like good children, as a control group; and lastly, the third group listened to Deer Dance (System of a Down). I saw them pulling nasty faces at me; I wonder why.

By the way, please ignore the Aldi yog pots!


Silence -paradox as this may seem in my house-...

And Rammstein, poor things!

And now the Troublesome Three:


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Anonymous said...

jaja que chulo!! que guay!! xD viva la musica clasica!! :ppp