11 February 2008

100 posts, 1000 visitors since January and a pretty photo

Considering what a special occasion this is, I just thought I'd... do nothing special and post as usual, because I don't have any ideas. This was taken on the South Coast Walk, near Polperro, in Cornwall (or Kernow, rather).


Anna said...

Ostres... quins paisatges que poses sempre! M'agafen unes ganes de tombar per arreu...!!!!

I doncs res... felicitats, i a pel post 150!

PD: Si cliques a ANNA he posat el link d'una cançó... espero que t'agradi... jajaja ^^

Anonymous said...

Eh Anna ahora que ya le has cogido el tranquillo vas dejando links por todas partes eh? XD
Bueno ¡muchas felicidades por el post número 100! ya verás que pronto te parecerá muy poco :p Solo que si no tenías ideas, al menos podrías haber puesto todo de exclamaciones y dinamitas y el número 100 por todas partes jajajajja :p XD

Estrelleta said...

Very nice photo... did you get the one I sent you??? I forgot to ask when we saw each other!
P.S. 4 new posts today at EAMC :)
P.P.S. Please update your blog, last entry was practically in Roman numbers... xD

Anders Viking said...

That's a wonderful visitor highlight!

Did you take that photo? It's an amazing one for sure! A wonderful place to stop and have a cuppa tea!

Love, your cousin