10 March 2013

Life isn't fun anymore!

It's just not fair. Mama is up and down so much these days it seems she just doesn't have any time for me any more. This is why I thought that posting a picture of myself on her blog might be good idea... to attract her attention a little...you know what I mean?

This is me looking forlorn.

OOOPS!  I think I've got that a bit wrong...maybe Mama can sort it out. She's good with problems like this.
Can't wait till she sees me. What a surprise it will be!

Next time, maybe you should sign out!


Lady Violet said...

Oh, Nina, you look very sad. We are having a party and we would like you to come. 2.00 am this Friday coming.
Xoc. P.s. Bring something to eat. I used Granny's computer. She helped me spell everyfing right.

Raxigp said...

Però... al mes de Març tampoc va sortir tant el sol no? Què es el que us ha escalfat tant el caaapp??? jajajajaj