11 April 2013


Following the tremendous success of my ostrich post, I thought I'd look for a few pictures of one of my favourite animals... Penguins!! (Other privileged favourites are tardigrades... more on that some other time!)

Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *sob* I never saw that banana skin.

You came to the wrong neighbourhood, pal!

Yo man, remember we had that paper to hand in tomorrow?

Waaaaat? That the alarm clock? You wanna kill me?

-Yeah, so how big was the fish you caught this morning? -Really, man, it was THIS big!


Srsly. You got a problem with my face? Stop staring at me. Srsly. STAHP!

"Let's take a walk together near the open shore, hand in hand, you and I...
Let's cherish every moment we have been given, the time is passing by!..."

All the pictures are from various places. Just type "Penguins" in Google and you can see where they're from.


Lady Violet said...

Oooooh, cute. The penguins, I mean. Srsly.
Leave the polar bears to me, though, eh. I like the comments, too, you can tell you are my daughter!

Raxigp said...

La segona foto dona por jeje però són fotos molt maques, i la última la meva preferida. Em recorda a uns amics que s'estan a punt de casar, quan caminen agafats de la mà... vull dir, tenen un pas similar...

Ainum FeXa said...

Jo em sento identificat amb la segona jejej!